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British education system


Language School >>

Since classes in the UK must be taught in English, the school not only uses academic results (such as Hong Kong school and public examination results) as the standard, but also depends on the students’ English proficiency. If the English proficiency is insufficient, you need to study in a language school

Cost: The English language course of the language school is about 230-400 pounds (per tune)
Semester: There are multiple semesters in a year (most schools start classes every month)
Content: English courses are mainly based on dictation, students are all international students

Language school English courses are about 230-400 pounds (per tune)

British Boarding School >>

British primary schools generally have a six-year system from 5 to 11 years old, while secondary schools have seven years and are divided into private and public schools, boarding and living in British boarding schools, etc. Secondary schools generally have strict restrictions on the age of entry, and six have the opportunity to take exams. Entrance examinations and interview arrangements, British schools pay attention to students’ morality, conduct and extracurricular activities such as football, piano, guitar and other sports and music development.


General Boarding School Life Reference (Monday to Friday)

British private colleges >>
(Off Campus College)

Private colleges are known for their high academic standards. Private colleges are the ideal choice if they have satisfactory grades and want to enter the university in the fastest way. The basic courses of the university are also based on the skills taught and required by the university. , To prepare for the university.

tuition fee:

Approximately 12,000 – 30,000 GBP (per year)


Affiliated Colleges of British Universities >>
(Off Campus College)

The affiliated college of the university, as the name suggests, is a course that is specially prepared for admission to the university. It is a course that is specially prepared for admission to the university. The courses are taught in small classes. Write essays, collect reference materials, presentation skills, group discussions, etc.

tuition fee:

Approximately 12000 – 20000 GBP (per year)

British University Diploma >>
(International Year One)

The first-year university diploma is specially designed for overseas students. After half a year, you can directly enter the second year of university. It is the safest and fastest way to obtain a university degree. It is very safe to enter a university. You only need to reach the sub-course upon graduation. With scores (usually ranging from 50 to 65, depending on the university and its subjects), you can directly advance to the second year of the university, but you can only advance to the university after graduation. It is very difficult to transfer.

Red Brick University >>

Refers to a university established in the Victorian era before World War II with a red brick building. The admission criteria is based on the ability of students, without considering the religious beliefs and family background of the students.

UCAS application process >>

Students who want to apply for a bachelor’s degree program in a British university must apply through UCAS. Most well-known universities require student interviews, and the interview will also become another criterion for school admissions. Students who are targeting these prestigious universities must pay attention. A bachelor’s degree in a British university is generally a three-year system, and a medical degree is generally a five-year system.

British Advanced Level Examination >>
(GCE A-Level / As-Level)

The British Advanced Level A-Level / AS-Level is equivalent to the Hong Kong High School Advanced Level Examination (A-Level), and the three subjects with the best A-Level scores will be regarded as the grading standards AS-Level and A-Level for admission to the university The duration of the course is two years.

Popular elective subjects

• Accounting
• Archaeology
• Art and Design
• Biology
• Business Studies
• Chemistry
• Chinese
• Computing
• Creative Writing
• Critical Thinking
• Dance
• Drama and Theatre Studies
• Design & Theatre Studies
• Design & Technology
• D&T: Food Technology
• Economics
• English Literature
• Environmental Studies/Technology
• General Studies
• Geography
• Government and Politics
• Health and Social Care
• History
• History of Art and Design
• Law
• Mathematics
• Media Studies
• Music
• Philosophy
• Physical Education
• Physics
• Psychology
• Religious Studies
• Sociology
• Spanish
• Sports Science
• Statisics

Cambridge International Examinations Board >>
(Cambridge International Examinations CIE)

The Examinations Bureau belonging to the University of Cambridge is one of the largest in the world and provides different levels of courses, examinations and academic qualifications for 5 and 19-year-old students.

CIE main exam

• Cambridge IGCSE
• Cambidge O Level
• Cambridge International AS and A Levels
• Cambridge Pre-U

British University >>

At present, there are nearly 200 universities in the UK. The UK universities, which have the highest academic status in the world, can be roughly divided into three types: city type, campus type, and college type.

Recognition of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education qualifications by British universities

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) has incorporated the scores of 24 subjects of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination into its UCAS Tariff, and the test score level is the same as the British General Education Diploma Advanced Level Examination (GCE A level) is similar and can be used as a reference for qualifications for admission to higher education institutions in the UK. The following are the UCAS comparison scores of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education:

General Tuition Fees of British Universities

tuition fee:

About 8000-40000 pounds (yearly) higher fees for medical, dentist and other specialists

Except for mathematics, UCAS comparison scores in 23 subjects

UCAS comparison scores outside of mathematics

# Calculated based on the sum of the test scores obtained by the candidates in the two parts

Remark :
Candidates who have achieved a level 5** in both the compulsory part and the court extension part will receive a score of 145 (65+80 points), which is slightly higher than the A* level of the American General Education Diploma Advanced Level Examination
Candidates who obtain level 5* in the compulsory part and level 5 in the Tingshen part can earn 120 (ie 60+60), which is similar to the A level of the British General Education Diploma Advanced Level Examination

Russell Group >>

The Russell Group is an organization composed of leading research-oriented universities in the United Kingdom, and is committed to improving research funding, increasing university income, teaching quality, etc. It is often referred to by the media as the British Ivy League University.

New universities >>

This type of university has more informal titles, generally referring to universities established in the 1960s or later. Among them, the British Prime Minister Ma Zhuoan before 1992 passed a bill to upgrade polytechnics to universities.