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New Zealand education system


Study in New Zealand
New Zealand children can start school at the age of 5, and start secondary education at the age of about 12 (ie Class 7 to Class 13). After finishing class 13 (19 years old), he went to university. In addition, students in Class 11 (17 years old) can choose to continue their studies at a polytechnic or a private college.

Primary and secondary schools
Both primary and secondary schools in New Zealand are public schools, and there are also some private schools. Both public and private schools enroll overseas students. If students need, some students can also enter English classes or basic middle school classes before being promoted to mainstream classes.

There are 20 national and government-sponsored polytechnics in New Zealand, which specialize in offering various professional courses and provide short courses to teach special skills and specialized subjects. Students can also apply for one to three-year professional degree, diploma and certificate courses, with a wide range of courses, and some polytechnics even offer master’s courses.

A total of eight universities in New Zealand offer bachelor, master and doctorate programs. All universities offer a series of liberal arts, science, technology and business degree courses, and individual schools also offer different courses. World-renowned universities such as the University of Auckland and University of Otago are all universities in New Zealand.